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21.11.17 / Budapest, Hungary /
At Kachorovska we have such a tradition: if you ate nothing in our cafe, the day is wasted.
The number of men in Kachorovska team is becoming higher, that is why the appearance of men’s shoes in Kachorovska Atelier is long-expected and imminent event!
The new cross-body bag Grace by Kachorovska is available now!
This week our Lory is truly autumn. Our craftsmen chose a caramel leather for it and it looks amazing!
September pampered us with the warmth and the sun, but we do not let our guard down and think about winter boots right now!
192 pages of coffee happiness, 19 cities of Ukraine, 123 best coffee places!
Cooperation with famous ukrainian designers is an essential part of the work of Kachorovska brand. We are proud and enthusiastic to share with you the results of the work of Kachorovska within the framework of Ukrainian Fashion Week SS18. UFW SS18. Handcrafted by Kachorovska
If red colour is the thing you need to resolve to do, so our new capsule is for you. Do not wait for a special occasion and Dare to Red now!
The season of hospitality in Kachorovska Store&Cafe is always open, but this time we set our guests to work)
The off-season is the best and the most stylish time of the year. We do not wait for a piercing wind and overnight frosts - our fall line is relevant today.
Basic line Kachorovska Basic Line was created on the base of an irreplaceable little black dress.
Our location at Velyka Vasylkivska str. 14 which is not far from Lva Tolstogo metro station, opens on weekdays at 8 a.m. And we are ready to lavish you with breakfast at this time.
The summer line Lazy Summer Days by Kachorovska is dedicated to girls who know how to enjoy the summer whenever and wherever they are)
Say “yes” to him! Say “yes” to shoes!
We went to Italy not just for fun, and there was a reason for shooting the lookbook. We went there in order to learn from Italians how to live without rushing, but to the fullest.
Kachorovska Atelier and The Coat by Katya Silchenko work together not for the first time. We created shoes for the collection of the brand of Katya Silchenko. We made up our minds to a democratic capsular collaboration in this season, as long as we know that our audience adores Katia Silchenko. For us, as well as for many Ukrainian women, Katya is the exemplar. That is why our collaboration was very inspiring and talented.
This capsule is about one giddy feeling that makes the world a bit better.
We took Italian lasts, added a black satin, strewed with pearls and blew with magic dust… and look what we’ve got now!
0 грн.
#KGARDEN is open for all citizens) It is the place where city residents can spend an hour or two away from screens over lunch outdoors or gather with friends at a picnic.
Resort'16 is the traditional summer stripe in several colour variations and new product in our line - straw bags.
June capsule collection by kachorovska is light - hearted and feminine) and very floral.
When fashion is simple, you become a zest of your image, and your clothing and shoes become just a good base.
We help Ukrainian designers to make their shoe dreams come true already for the second season of Ukrainian fashion week.
New Year Limited Edition Pumps at kachorovska.com
For the season winter-fall 2015 Kachorovska has prepared something brand new together with fresh twists on favorite models.
We would like to give you a behind the scenes look at our shoe making process.
There definitely is no other summer shoes of the same comfort as these minimalistic slip-ons on a rope sole created by the Catalonian peasants in 13th century.
Our spring-summer collection is full of sunny yellow, bronze, copper rose on shoes and handbags. Natural and not pretentious, just as the summer itself!
If you think red doesn't match your style, you just haven't found YOUR red!
We are happy to present you our first line Kachorovska!