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Бренд Kachorovska запускає кампейн, створений штучним інтелектом

Бренд Kachorovska запускає кампейн, створений штучним інтелектом

07.12.22 / Kyiv, Ukraine /

Ukrainian shoe brand Kachorovska is once again proving its leadership with the new Neo Campaign powered by new AI technology and driven by the positive transformation of the world.

The company is constantly growing, improving, and reinventing itself in business and communication, even more so during the vicious ongoing war in Ukraine. During this challenging time, Kachorovska turned its local success into support power for the country's economy and took the risk to realize its global ambitions by expanding and launching to international markets. The brand is currently negotiating its first large wholesale orders for two of the largest fashion retailers in the USA and Canada. 

The brand's message, "We speak shoes," is about its unique understanding of the shoes as a product and the needs of their shoe-loving customers, elevated to the whole language! The new NEO Campaign represents a new form of communication — relentless, ever-changing artforms of oneself, manifested daily in our appearances and social interractions. 

The campaign keywords are Transformation and Technology, which in this case, is mighty AI. It is a unique technique that was just launched days before the campaign’s work started. 

Vitaliy Yermak:

— The idea of implementing digital art in the shoe campaign almost had fallen into our hands. At that time, there was a buzz in the global network about releasing various models of latent diffusion, a type of deep generative neural network for converting text into images. 

We tested all the most popular types and their resources to adjust the algorithm for working in the videos. We had to go through the whole process forward and backward simultaneously. For each pair of shoes, we created a mood board and visual style matching its fashion style. We then used AI to interpret it into the text to understand the clues better, allowing us to go back and generate precisely the needed image style.

This process was repeated as many times as needed until the basis was no longer a mood board but an interpretation itself in the form of fractal reimagining.

During this period, while we were working on the videos with the help of a neural network, we created about 290186 unique variations of the "Kachorovska" shoe styles. The AI did what would have taken a person forever in 3210784 seconds! 

The moving forwards and being in avangard of things is the ultimate motto of the KACHOROVSKA brand and its designer and co-owner Alina Kachorovska.

Alina Kachorovska:

— I believe we are witnessing the birth of a new era in culture — I call it a neo-renaissance — where there is absolute non-creativity that creates pure beauty in its highest essence. 

Last few decades, there has been an extensive growth of artificial social superstructures. As a result, creativity collided with dependence on marketing, commerce, taste unification, and all those globalization processes. It became suffocating. The interpretations were winning over newness, and creative bravery was giving in to the audience's "tastes and demands." 

As a visionary, I am always on the lookout for the next big thing in everything. So the need for change had been broiling in me for more than a year. And I realize now that AI and its capacity for infinite variations is the engine of transformations and the vessel to transition to neo-renaissance. Now we can all break through our imaginary comfort zone and see much more. Such an exciting and phenomenal journey is unfolding before humans — millions of new designs and experiences through the opened portal of endless and absolute creativity — as described in timeless "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," one of my favorite science fiction. 

And we humans don't have to be afraid of competition with digital sophistication because our art direction and creative discretion are required even for AI's variability. When technology becomes more available in our everyday lives and moves more in social networks, it will boost and forever change the entire creative industry and consumer experience. 

Ukrainian brand KACHOROVSKA and its neo-campaign are happy to be at Avangard for this Neo-renaissance movement and to set an example and inspire the whole world with our creative bravery.

The new campaign launched with four unique motion visuals on all the major social media platforms. It aims to be very visible and to set an example of such a unique combination of creativity and technologies for fashion communication.
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