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Why is it important to let the lasted shoe uppers rest on the last?

Another crucial step in shoe production is allowing the lasted uppers to rest on the last.

Once the shoe upper has been lasted, meaning it has taken the required shape, it's essential to give it time to set. All the intermediate layers of the upper should cool down, and the leather should finally solidify its volumetric shape.

Why is this important?

If sharp-toed pumps or boots with a pointed toe last are immediately removed from the last, they will quickly lose their shape.

Sandals with small and thin details do not require this.

In the photo, the pointed-toe mules Rachel are resting and settling on the lasts to ensure the lasting is as tight as a string. ❤️

Read more professional posts about shoe manufacturing on the “Туфелькове порушення” channel by shoe designer Olga Dzey from Kachorovska.
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