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Вакансії в Kachorovska

Olga / HR

Kachorovska company is constantly developing and looking for some new talent. We will be happy to find one of our family!

If we have no vacancies or positions you are interested in, fill in the form and
send your own offer for your dream job):

1. Full name

2. Date of birth and place of residence

3. Phone number and e-mail address

4. Your desirable job

5. Higher education (university/profession/graduation year)

6. Your last place of employment (working period/duties)

7.Your strengths/ key personality traits

8. Your level of foreign language proficiency

9. What do you want to achieve in Kachorovska company?

10. Do you consider yourself lucky? If so, why?

11. Attach your CV with a photo


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