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Kachorovska Presents "The Caring Tribe" Project

18/04/2024 | writen by kachorovska team

Self-Care and Compassion as the Source of Inspiration for the Brand

Most of us pay a lot of attention to how we look, but the true beauty lies in our compassion for others, caring for them, and humanity, which is the basic value of our time. The past few turbulent years have shown countless caring individuals inside Ukraine and beyond. This means that there are still people around us for whom caring is the highest human value.

It's about humanity without regard to race, gender, or religion; about accepting others as equals; about unity, cohesion, heritage; about past, present, and future; it's about people; it's about you and each one of us.

To emphasize the idea of the project and the inspiration for the collection that came to our team from people, our audience, and clients, we invited real women who are part of our surroundings and have a connection to art and fashion to be the heroes of the campaign. In the shooting, you can see actress Anastasiia Karpenko, makeup artist Svitlana Rymakova, Publiс Kitchen co-founder and PR specialist Zheniya Kaganovych, one of the most loyal brand customers and stylist Olena Ostroverkh, producer and creator Daria Shendierieva, and of course, the creative director of the Kachorovska brand, Alina Ocheretiana.

Care, humanity, and compassion, which have inspired the design team at Kachorovska, are manifested in the color palette dominated by white in footwear, accessories, and clothing. For example, the collection includes Roomy and Erin slingbacks made of white leather with heels of nine and four centimeters respectively, new Rebecca bags in white in various sizes, as well as a capsule clothing collection made of white viscose.

The collection's color accent is the same models of Roomy and Erin slingbacks and Rebecca bags in fuchsia. Classic models made of black patent leather will add elegance to any look. A good example is the Rachel mules, available in black, brown, and milk leather with a four-centimeter heel. They perfectly complement both casual and evening attire.

It's worth noting that the Caring Tribe theme doesn't end with just the image campaign and will be further developed by the brand throughout the summer season in several additional creative projects.

Stylist Najla Al Naimi's Shoe Moodboard
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